20 September 2017

My First Taste Of Cataplana (Portuguese) At Chillers Emmeloord

my plate of cataplana consists of squid, crabmeat, shrimp, mussels, and three kinds of fish meats.
Dining out is a part of our family life, if not of social life. During vacation, dining out with family is one of those special moments that we love to remember, then afterwards. We still have two days left before we go home. This evening, we went in Emmeloord to have dinner.
Chillers Emmeloord
We have dinner in Chillers Restaurant. The restaurant has a fantastic view, it is beside the look lonesome bridge, it sits in the river. Inside the restaurant, the staff guided us, we can choose any area we like. If ever I am alone, I would love to sit outside, in the terrace, facing the river. Since we have our little boy, and Gimma (I am Gemma), my mother in law's dog, we took our place inside the restaurant.
my glass of Oreo cappucino

Chillers Emmeloord serves international dishes. I ordered their Portuguese cataplana. It really surprised me, that my big big bowl of cataplana consists of sea foods and many vegetables. They served it with rice. This is my first time to eat a Portuguese food/dish, and I really enjoy it!

wild flowers (poetry)

I wandered in the fields
And I wonder about you
This view that I saw gave me the inspiration to write this poetry.
On our family vacation in Flevoland, the Netherlands.
You are wild, tame, sweet
Admiration waters you
You were never a mistake
You are a beauty of being free
Your form is unconventional
Yet you are reachable
You can be found
Even in an unlikely place
Wild flowers
Your existence is my enjoyment
A natural beauty to behold
You live your life, wild and free.

-Maggy Baas-San Jose

17 September 2017

You deserve...

You deserve the things you believe you don't deserve
You deserve peace, even there are people who are not at peace
You deserve a smile when there are things that make you cry
You deserve a home, where you rest your heart and your mind
You deserve space when everything seems crowded
You deserve beauty, inside-out
You deserve moments, to keep and to spend
You deserve loyalty because you are faithful
You deserve love because you too are human.

16 September 2017

Flevoland Vacation, here to Emmeloord (Pieper Festival)

The second day of our vacation was spent by visiting the nearby town, the Emmeloord. Today is the Pieper Festival. The town is full of people, locals, vacationers, and few tourists. The Pieper Festival served many quality french fries for everyone for free. It was a delicious, and I jokingly told my husband that its taste is more delicious because it is free. There were many attractions in the festival, mostly are for children. I made some photos even it was rainy. But most of all, I love to share again the photos around here in our cabin. 

15 September 2017

Vacation Time: Flevoland

They are as beautiful as they appear on internet
From the information I gathered from the internet, this village in the province of Flevoland, the Netherlands, is one of the so-called green villages in this province. It is a part of Noodroostpolder, and lies approximately 7 km north of Emmeloord. This is the small village where me and my family are staying for a week vacation, to forget for a while the busyness of life at home. As I am writing this, I can hear the splash of the water in the lake, children playing in the afterglow. Our bedroom is at the top of the pointed roof cabin, these beautiful cabins surround the round lake. The view this afternoon when we arrived was serene, thought provoking. On the way here, we passed first the Schipol, one of the largest airport in Europe. When I saw an airplane that's taking off, I suddenly feel the longing to have a flight again back home in the Philippines, but that will be in January. 
They are real.
On a passenger's seat, I was at the right place, at the right time to capture a rare cloud formation. From passing the city view, it became the fantastic countryside. When we're approaching the Flevoland, the windmills that lane up in the highway seems the sight of a beautiful dancing flamingo. Highway, windmills, and the wide open sea. The view was breathtaking, and  I wish it would never end. 

13 September 2017

A Feeling For A Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed
A friend knows the meaning of your silence
And the voice when you are out of words
Or out of this world.
A friend stands up to you
When others belittle you.
A friend hears your laughs
And it seems a music to their ears.
A friend wants to sit beside you
When all others are wanting to take your life.
A friend asks how are you
And excitedly waits for your reply.
A friend says "I miss you"
And even fetch you when you are feeling down.
True friends are rare.
Most times than not,
Our friend is also whom we call "family".

-By: Maggy Baas-San Jose

10 September 2017

Do... (a short poetry)

Do what makes you happy
Do more what makes life meaningful
Do what is just, what is fair, what is loving
Do honest things,
Knowing that it is the best way of life
Do generosity, without expecting in return
Do what your heart says
But don't forget to take your brain with it
Do what is less, because less is more
Do what scare you,
Don't just hang in your comfort zone.
Do things looking ahead
And don't dwell on regret
Remember days, but never forget the moments
Keep on living, keep on loving, but love first starts from ourselves.

By: Maggy Baas-San Jose