15 August 2017

A fulfilling life...

A fulfilling life needs
And a prayerful heart.

13 August 2017

My Little Paradise

To enjoy life, we must learn to appreciate small things that bring delight in our heart. Most of these enjoyments are free but bring pure and lasting joy.
This afternoon, I had felt it when an elderly friend of mine visited me and my son. She bought a piece of delicious raisin bread for my son and I opened our back door to our garden.
It has been an enjoyable time with her, just sitting in the sunshine, with a cup of delicious Arabica coffee that I made for us.
I picked tomatoes and she picked grapes from our garden that she took home. We both made photos, simultaneously, with all our heart's delight. I am writing this now and I feel how blessed I am for enjoying a beautiful Sunday in my own way, in my little paradise, even I am missing my husband that so far away until now. 

12 August 2017

Warmth of a friend...

Everybody needs somebody.
The warmth of a friend
Love at first sight
Friendship at first sight
Both are possible
The warmth of a friend
Can ascend you to a high altitude
You can hold its warmth
Its warmth can lighten your day
Gives life an interesting meaning
And the sparks glinting off it.
Friendship is free
Friendship is true
Friendship is not for power
A friend will not resent you
A friend will not leave you
When you are in misery
A friend is not a mystery
The warmth of a friend
Is always with you
In presence
Especially in absence.

11 August 2017

A Taste Of Vietnam In Rotterdam

Me and my son at the Little V Vietnamese Restaurant, Rotterdam. With Nem Ga Nuong in my plate.

The drink that is both minty, fruity, and healthy.
One of the great enjoyments in life is to enjoy a good food, either it is at home or when dining out. Today, me and my son went out, we went by tram to the famous city, Rotterdam.
The cube house.

We stroll around, got some photos, and we have our lunch at one of the renown Vietnamese Restaurant here in the Netherlands, the Little V. It is my second time today. My first one was when I was with two of my friends. The taste of the food and the drink that I tried today is equally delicious as The first one.

I am looking forward for my next visit and to taste again a bit of the city life and the ever delicious Vietnamese cooking. Next time that you will be visiting Rotterdam, don't miss the Little V Vietnamese Restaurant. I am sure you will enjoy too this dining experience.

10 August 2017

My Son's Farewell To Preschool

My little prince's last day in preschool

One of the greatest joys in a woman's life is motherhood. Nowadays, where world promotes self indulgence and self-gratification, I would say that motherhood and good parenting are a highest form of unselfishness and unconditional love.

The moment that I became a mother, I said to myself, I am also going to become a great mother. As I watch my son grown, how he became a happy and an "always curious" child, I would say that I am doing well too my part as a first time mother. It is a happy thing to see our children's milestone. It is like, we cannot stop them from growing, to take their own steps into the real world, and eventually to follow their own dreams.

I would like to share with you through this blog the joy that I had felt when my son said farewell to preschool. The simple farewell party that me and his teachers prepared for him. My husband was on his working trip in Poland when we have this small party so he was not able to join us.
About two weeks from now, summer vacation is done, and my son will start in basis school or the elementary school. If there are special things in my life that I am very grateful with, I surely count on in my joys of being a mother to my son.

09 August 2017

Warm heart in a cold world

Warm heart in a cold world
A world that's full of illusion
A world of cold hearts
A world of make believe
And you begin to wonder
Which is real and which is not?
A world of indifference
A world of moral collapse
Chastity becomes an old-fashion
Do not become afraid to stand alone
Even you are alone
Do not let the cold world
Freeze your heart
Stiff your neck
Blur your hope
And break your faith.

07 August 2017

Our love...

To love someone and to love you back and one of the greatest happiness in life.

There were times
That he thinks
That he is not the best one for me
There were times
That I feel
I am not the perfect one for him
But there is this kind of love
That binds our hearts
The promise of forever
I am grateful for his love
For loving me
With every breath he takes
I offer nothing
But my loyal love
My imperfection
That makes him feel
That I have an almost perfect love
Only for him
He gave me a sheltered life
A secured love
With him
I have forever.